About IFBA

The Internet Freedom Business Alliance is a diverse coalition of startups, small businesses, and venture investors advocating for strong, enforceable rules to protect the open Internet.

Today, every company is an Internet company. American businesses of all types—brick-and-mortar and online—in industries as varied as health care, travel, real estate, financial services, and entertainment, rely on the Internet to serve customers, bring new products and services to market, and build their workforces.

Historically, the Internet has been a free and open marketplace that enables communication and commerce without tolls, taxes, or discrimination. As a result, innovative companies and business models have flourished. The open Internet allows small firms to start up, scale up, and find markets for their products and services in unprecedented ways.

As the voice of innovators, investors, and small business in Washington, DC, we’re advocating for common-sense, enforceable open Internet rules to promote American businesses, jobs, and small business investment.